Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Laboratory

Laboratories (well equipped lab facilities for different subjects like physics, chemistry, Botany and Zoology)

Chemistry Lab, Botany Lab, Physics Lab, Zoology Lab


Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Library

Library (The School has a big Library where each student is provided with a good number of various reference books . Magazines, Periodicals, Dailies and books are also provided to the students. Libraary is opened everyday from 9.30 to 4 pm.

Smart Class

Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Smart Class

Smart Class – The School’s Infrastructure includes the smart classes where the students learn and enjoy the art technology. It gives to the students a variety atmosphere in learning.

Computer Lab

Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Computer Lab

Computer Lab – A well equipped computer lab is provided for the studentsfor IT subjets


Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Playground

Playground –  A big playfield is provided to give due importance to pHysical fitness and train students in various games like – volley ball, basketball, football, shuttle and cricket.

Football and Cricket Ground, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court

School Transport – School Buses are arranged for the students for a better transportation. 

Scouts And Guides – A well functioning Scouts and Guides under the leadership of Experienced teachers, Other Amenities


Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Conveyance

We provoide bus facilities to the children. They will be picked up in the morning from their covenient place and in the evening they will be dropped back in the same place. 

School Building

Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - School Building