About Depaul E.M.H.S.S Angamaly

Depaul Higher Secondary School, founded in 1995 with a vision 'for God and the country'.(Pro deo et Patria), It is the fruition of the vision of the Marymatha province of Vincentian congregation. Ever since its inception we have earned the glorious reputation of being one of the best schools in the state. Each student has acquired true knowledge and intellectual pursuit.

Depaul EMHSS(State Syllabus) has got classes right from Kintergarten to Higher Secondary Section. It is  an unaided and recognized educational institution with the Provincial Superior as General Manager and Superior of Vincentian House, Angamaly as the local manager. The admission to LKG is made on the basis of interview. But for all other classes there will be written test and interview. For LKG admission, a child should have completed 4 years of age on 1st June of the school year in which admission is sought. The Birth certificate should be produced at the time of admission. The name shown in the birth certificate and the application from should be the same.

A wide range of curricular and Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school's academics. The school seeks to create a rich learning environment in which teachers and pupils interact closely and the quest for knowledge becomes a joyous experience. The school aims at molding responsible , caring and confident youngsters who would stand up in today's competitive milieu, with their hear high and loins girded, contributing to the building up of a developed India.



Depaul E M H S S Angamaly - Our Heritage

Our Heritage

St. Vincent De Paul (1581-1660) was the Sixteenth century French saint who pioneered the development of massive charitable organizations. He became the inspiring presence of his times which was marred by constant wars and discrimination against the poor. He promoted the Catholic essence of charity among all sections of people and organized charitable activities in the most efficient manner in order to reach the most neglected sections of the society. Thus, he awakened the conscience of humanity and left indelible marks of human values on history of the 17th century. It is he who, for the first time, encouraged women to actively participate in the process of social action. Pope John Paul II called him “a man of action and prayer; a man of persuasion and imagination; a man of leadership and humble service; a man of yesterday and today”. The De Paul institute derives its title and inspiration from St. Vincent de Paul, the patron saint of the Vincentian Congregation, a Christian religious community which manages the institute. Inspired by the example of St. Vincent de Paul, the members of the Congregation undertake various educational/charitable/spiritual activities for the upliftment of the society and especially that of the marginalized sections. Marymatha province of Vincentian Congregation is the parent organization of Vincentian Educational and Charitable Trust (VEACT) which manages De Paul English Medium Schools.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and inspiring environment which is condusive to actuate the full potentiality of the children in the school which in turns helps the students to achieve an integral development.


The long cherished desire of the people of Angamaly South for an English Medium school was realized when very Rev.George Kammattil inaugurated the L.K G section of the De Paul school  on 7th June 1995 and std V of the U.P section on the 5th July 1995. The school owes its existence to the vision and tireless efforts of its pioneer Rev.Joseph Karumathy who was the first head master. The new school building was blessed and inaugurated by Very Re.Fr.George Kammattil in June 1997. U.P and H.S sections of the school got recognition from the government in the year 1995 and 2004 respectively. New K.G block is constructed in 2003. We could begin the higher secondary section in the year 2005. From the first batch onwards we could maintain the 100% result in SSLC examination.